E.R.O.T.I.C.A. Forte Marghera

date » 26-06-2024 18:44

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Mostra dedicata all'erotismo in fotografia dal 1900 al 2000
Officine Forte Marghera 1-14 luglio 2024 - Venezia

The common sense of decency
The body is discovered naked following an act of disobedience and immediately feels ashamed.
Censorship is closely linked to the concept of sin, it is the result of a judgement, it connotes the body itself in a negative way. By obscuring parts of the body, censorship draws attention to them. Hiding the body from the gaze generates curiosity, drives the gaze, amplifies desire and potentially reduces the subject to an object of possession.
Censorship in visual art is becoming more and more common, starting from the rules of conduct imposed by the social media.
In this project I decided to amplify the censorship mechanism, making the act of censorship explicit, highlighting what had been hidden by the censors, who often miss the mark but hit Art.


#eroticafotografia2024 #acrilamide

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